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Our precision wire division is on the leading edge of wire production technology, producing wire in a wide variety of shapes and materials.
bullet.gif (314 bytes) MicroDyne's special process assures sharp fin-free corners
bullet.gif (314 bytes) Corners from 10% of thickness dimension down to 0.0005"
bullet.gif (314 bytes) Precise control of Camber, Cast, and TWIST!  Our Dental Wire always lays flat with no torque or twist
bullet.gif (314 bytes) Flat and Ribbon wire down to 0.0005 inch thick, with mirror finish capability
bullet.gif (314 bytes) We are unmatched in our superior ability to produce precision miniature cross sectional shapes for the medical industry, with feature sizes down to 0.0005 inches!
bullet.gif (314 bytes) Short-Run and Express Processing requests are welcome!


bullet.gif (314 bytes)

Flat and Ribbon Wire with Round or Square Edges
bullet.gif (314 bytes)   Squares, Rectangles, D-Shapes and Hexes
bullet.gif (314 bytes) Miniature and Micro Sizes
bullet.gif (314 bytes) Precision Symmetric and Asymmetric  Wire Shapes

Please contact us by
Voice at  (860)-747-9473  or  (800)-231-9389,
Fax at  (860)-747-9436,
by  e-mail, or by using our quick online request form.

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